The Red Dress Collection 2012

left: Jennifer Kline in Max Lohrbach, center: Landyn Hutchison in Emma Berg, right: Sandy Simmons in ArielSimone


BAM. That’s what a red dress says. One that’s doing its job. I find the above three dresses to be doing that job quite sufficiently. All were featured as part of MSPFW’s The Red Dress Collection, a fashion/women’s heart health initiative involving 11 original dresses each by a local designer. Max Lohrbach’s dress conveyed a hint of baby doll and a whole lot of romantic and whimsy. Emma Berg’s look was dramatic and elegant, with carefully executed bubbling and draping of the crisp fabric. The sweetheart neckline added an extra feminine and flattering touch. The sleek, form-fitting dress by ArielSimone had an almost vertebrae-like folded fabric train from the top to the bottom in back.
Left: by Joan Erakit with Emma Berg and Joan Erakit, Top right: by Minneapolis 2night with Hollie Mae Shultz, Bottom right: by CityPages with Nkechi Njaka
maxi: Parc Boutique (kensie), bag: thrifted, heel booties: maurices, necklace: parc boutique
 I wore a black, subtle leopard-print, long-sleeved maxi from Parc Boutique with all kinds of sheer going on. It was a dramatic statement, which of course was what I was going for, heading to a high-style event at a chic venue in downtown Minneapolis. Oh you better believes.



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