1 Year Blog-iversary

294 Posts in 365 days. That’s a lot of Ruby Girl.
A huuuuuge THANK you to those of you who have been with me from the beginning. And another big THANK you who have just found Ruby Girl and have supported this fun little endeavor in recent months. You’ve made my day so many times with your sweet comments and kind words. And that excludes YOU, ridiculous spammer robots. My gosh I hope you’re robots. Eww to you.


 Thinking about those who’ve been following for a while, it has been a style journey, has it not?! Ha ha. OH my GOODNESS I had a good number of outfit mishaps trying to figure out my taste and how to put together an ensemble that reflects it.:: :: :: :: ::

Three big take-away points from this first year of blogging:
1. Stay true to your style. Be fresh without forcing trends in ways that just don’t feel like you. 
I ask myself, would I even want to pin my own look on Pinterest? Or, hype it on Lookbook?
2. Edit, edit, edit. Does it actually work, what’s the impact of this outfit? Sometimes
layers or accessories can make or break a look. 
3. Don’t take yourself too seriously! I hope that almost every one of 
my posts makes my reader friends smile or even chuckle. Chuckle! 
:: :: :: :: ::
I had fun scrolling through some of my first posts. Here are some of the ones that were actually on the money:
(PS-New readers, beware, I was a brunette!)
Click to see the full post if you want to see the blog’s “beginnings”.




Here’s to another wonderful year. Lots of fun new adventures comin down the pike, including videos(?!?!), tutorials (!?!?!), improved photography, while sticking with the basics of solid Ruby Girl Blog content, collaborations with brands, boutiques, & bloggers, and of course continuing to get to know you beauties more and more!
PS-I just entered Refinery 29’s Next Big Style Blogger competition. Why? I don’t know. Just for kicks. We’re talkin steep competition. But if you think this blog is worth it and has a shot, would you mind voting for me? You can vote every day, but whodaheck has time for that. One time would be fine. Haha. Oh goodness, you all rock.

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  1. CONGRATS! That's a very impressive number of posts within a year and a wonderful journey. 🙂 Best of luck with year 2!
    ps. love the brown hair – I'm always jealous of people who are brave enough to jump hair colors!

  2. Happy Birthday Ruby Girl!:) So excited to have found your darling blog and I must say, you were just as adorable a brunette as you are a blonde! Excited to see what's in store for you this next year!:)

  3. Congratulations! You're off to a great start.

    It's interesting to reflect how, in a short time, we can improve dramatically. The beginning posts in everyone's blogs are tentative and raw. Yours now are polished and beautiful. Your fashion-style is amazing. I admire and learn from it regularly.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Congrats! You've come so far with this blog in just one year! It's always fun to see what you are wearing and coming up with 🙂
    p.s. love those heals in the first pic on this post! 🙂

  5. Happy blogiversary! 🙂 Ha, thanks for the warning on the brunette shots, but you can totally pull off either looks, which is kind of a big deal. Cheers!
    (And thanks for stopping by!)

  6. Congratulations on 1 year!!! You go girl! I like your outfit – the tie blouse is cute! Your hair also looks amazing (and I like the brunette look too!)

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