Sailing like it’s Summertime





The highlight of our trip to Jamaica was undoubtedly one that took place far out at sea. We departed from the Montego Bay Yacht Club, only to find out that it was the same one that Prince Charles and Camilla departed from in ’08. While it was fun to learn that, the highlight was to follow. We got suited up in flippers and goggles, jumped in the turquoise water and swam to the reef. When I put my face to the water and caught my first glimpse of what lived beneath, I was completely blown away. It was the dreamiest, most surreal experience. There was a massive school of Sergeant Majors, lots of gorgeous coral, and we even saw a Barracuda. I was too excited to be nervous, call me naive. After a while, we got back in The Lark and sailed for hours on a warm breezy day. This my friends, was definitely the highlight of our trip for both of us. And if you ever find yourself in Jamaica, I couldn’t recommend Barrett Adventures more highly.
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