Sapphire Daydream

navy blue dress

lace cut out dress

floral perforated dress

navy dress pink lips  feminine formal   navy dress

Hey. How are you guys? 🙂 Sometimes I remember how cool blogging is and how awesome it is that I get to connect with each of you in this really different kind of way. Thanks for reading along. Or just scrolling through. Or for your love on Instagram. For me, Ruby Girl is a combination of self-expression, artistic exploration, and well I can’t lie it does also pay the bills ;-P But it’s really more than that for me too. I hope that somehow I can send positive vibes your way. Cause Lord knows we get enough negative ones. That through my fashion and art here and my random thought meanderings, you are encouraged to take new risks. Not just in style but in life. To feel confident in your own skin and beautiful just as you are. I hope you know that your story is important. Your voice needs to be heard in this world. We have one life to lead and so much to offer those around us. Let’s be present, let’s look for ways to love others and show kindness. Let’s uncover our strengths and operate within them everyday. Let’s grow, let’s learn, let’s explore. You guys. Life is GOOD. Don’t let the blah-ness of the day in and day out drag you down. Find a way to celebrate every day. Can we do that together? LET’S DO IT!! Sending so much love your way. MUAH!

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navy blue dress
 via boohoo c/o || black coach heels || sapphire necklace

Photos taken by Isabel Kruse at the University Club

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  1. This has to be one of my all time favorite looks! You look so pretty and the contrast of the blue with your skin and hair is dreamy. You look so very fresh and pretty. Love the dress and the necklace too.

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