Covid Edit


Welcome to your quarantine glow-up. If you could literally buy the most optimal Covid experience ever, it would be via the following purchases in their entirety. All my nerd quarantine overachievers scroll all the way to the bottom, I’ve got amazing book recommendations in the “Enterprise & Ambitions” section from the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet via Business Insider.

Be safe, cover those orifaces! Even Cuomo said they can be “fashion-forward” if you want. A friend of mine said if you want to go the extra mile and make them medical grade, just clip the end of a coned coffee filter & put it underneath! These Covid essentials should cover all your bases ;-P and might just add a little spring to your step and anyone lucky recipient of your countenance covered in one of these cloths. 

One way to perforate one day from the next is with smart day-wear. I opt for pieces I feel like a human in and that are comfortable, flattering, and that I can move in, because I like to do little baby no-sweat workouts all throughout the day to keep the tushy moving and avoiding fossilization. Plus you never know who’s going to FT and when, so it’s nice to be ready for anything.

If I was asked at a job interview what my weakness was, I’d probably have to say, “over-nesting”. Every nook every crevice must be intentionally designed. My mind will simply not allow otherwise. Tis the season for hygge and ambient and fluffy and whimsical. So make yourself a “marshmallow bed” (cc @Truelane), drape your walls with twinkle lights, enchant your surfaces with candlelit glow and moutain-high pile rugs for the ultimate covid oasis.

Twiddling thumbs is cute for a minute but lest our gloriously promising mind-space go to waste, we may as well entertain ourselves and those to our left and right with delightful pasttimes new and old. From watercolor painting, to sending cards just-because-of-covid, to houseparty card games like Friends trivia, this section has everything to keep your downtime down right fun.

Never ever have I ever used so many varietals of hair and facemasks and creams and exfoliants and hydrators. Consider these selections the cocoon to turn that caterpillary epidermis into mystifyingly young and supple butterfly wing skin.

I think the real quarantine queens out there are the ones who have mastered the lounge look. Fall and winter hibernation prepared us for this ladies, we got this. The winning factors in the equation to legendary loungewear are peekabo tummies leggies or backs, sweaters so oversized you’re essentially swimming in them, and twisty/strappy/and otherwise unexpectedly detailed bras and tops. Shop away, these are a few I could see myself transitioning into lounge time with any corona day.

The ladies of New York have traded in their Equinox memberships for resistance bands, ankle weights, and medicine balls. I’ve scoured the ends of the digital earth for the good stuff. Shop away!

Bewitch your Friends Trivia Zoom Party with a bafflingly striking glow a la lumie lighting. With all the zooming and Facetiming & housepartying, it sure is nice to be able to multitask with hands free. A few clever tools also for cleansing those pesky germ-attracting accoutrements.

More me-time than ever imagined at your fingertips and toes and well everything. Immerse yourself in aromatic steamy baths with infusions of herbal remedies that soothe and revitalize. I’m also enjoying massagers of a great many modules. Tis time to indulge and self-care like there’s no tomorrow because sometimes it kind of feels like that. lol.

Take care of that bod on the inside and out. Eat well, sleep well, exercise, keep cortisol levels down, and drink lots of water. Here are some picks to keep the nutrients flowing, the hydration in the air, and the sleep restorative.

Invigorate your daily routines with little pick-me-ups like press-on nails an easy-to-achieve sunkissed glow, and a super fire dry shampoo in case you forget when the last time you washed your hair was. The heros of this group are the blonding brush, root touch-up spray, & root color touch-up kit via dpHUE in case your haircolor needs a bit of a boost or helping hand to get you through the indefinite period of time until you can see your therapist err, hair stylist again.

I love a lingerie / negligee and otherwise yay yay yay splurge. Some of these I own and some are on my wishlist shortlist. In a time that it’s easy to feel like a blob of Mochi, melting into your couch, opt for a quick change. Slipping into these will have you feeling feminine and vixenlike in no time. Enjoy how that feels. 

In case you happen to have one of those brains that must improve, grow, climb, learn… or you’re just incredibly caffeinated, these are some paths to improved mental acuity and personal enterprise during Corona. Why not!?