The fabric is luxe. I love every detail, from the pockets to the chic shoulder silhouette. I styled this outfit with pieces from Design Collective, all of which are by local Minnesota designers. Except my stud-happy flats. This look is part of an exciting collaboration that I will give you more info about soon!
In other news, my sports seasons are starting again. So fyi…my fashion-related tweets will be broken up by shameless random Packers & Gophers cheer-on’s. Also, Patrick and I have (for the most part) wrapped up a blitz (see, football season comes and the metaphors just start flowin) of work on our income prop that we recently purch-ed and we are enjoying a delightful little oasis in our lives. Wondering if this is how most people live, coming home from work on a weeknight and staying home til the next day. Ok not quite, we have slipped in some errands (can’t help it!) but for the most part… it’s kind of nice. For now šŸ™‚


dress: christopher straubĀ (season 6 project runway), turban: emily l siems roberson, necklace: camba jewelry, floral clutch: ashley krediler
Ok no go and enter the LOFT giveaway in yesterday’s post!! Yah, you could win $100!
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  1. Haha, it's my game season too…I'm a college football fan so it's ROLL TIDE season at my house šŸ˜‰

    And loving this dress, you're right about the luxe fabric and incredible shoulder structure! I have been watching this season of Project Runway and just loving some of the cocktail dresses–they've had such interesting necklines, just like yours šŸ™‚

    <3 Cambria

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