Slits, slips, silks

4 months in New York… and it’s my home now. It really sank in the last couple of days. When I was about to leave for Minnesota for the holidays. Suddenly sentimental and missing it while I was yet there. I’m delighted (schoolgirl-level giddy even!) to head back to the Midwest to see friends and family, my favorite places, and soak up the holiday season. To revel in the endless Higgins traditions and snuggle with my little nieces and nephews. Lots of overly expressive squeals and squeezes coming up with each reunion. While I haven’t quite yet found the level of establishment in my big new city, my routines are there. It’s where I wake up in the morning. It’s where my favorite tea is. My aggressive cozy sock collection. I have a new view out the window. Yes it’s of grungy backsides of buildings and an old watertower— but it looks pretty in the snow!! And it’s mine. My little slice of NYC, my humble little le petit chateau. My future- for now, is there. Interesting what time can do.

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