green plaid turtleneck dress

green plaid turtleneck dress 4

green plaid turtleneck dress 3

green plaid turtleneck dress 2

green plaid turtleneck dress 1

green plaid turtleneck dress 6

green plaid turtleneck dress 5

Fall is definitely happening in Minnesota. As of yesterday. I had my first “brrrr, where are my quilted vest and camp socks” moment after walking out of the movie Scorch Trials last night. Have you seen that one yet? I really liked it. There’s something about a young dynamic leader going all Jason Bourne with his entourage and you know… saving the world that gets me all revved up. Boom. No need to accept things the way they are. Change is possible and good and let’s let our voice be heard and take action y’all. All those cliches are cliches for a reason, right?! The one thing I could do without in the movie is the zombies and ork-like nasty creatures. I mean gross! Blech. I’d really rather not ever set eyes on those. Ever.

But what I would like to keep setting my eyes and credit card on are these easy sweater dresses. When it’s 40-60 degrees, I’ll be styling them with bare legs and boots and once we dip a bit lower in temps, I’ll throw on a pair of tights or printed leggings. It’s a nice way to mix up the sweater and pants routine for the colder months.

photos by chelsea

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