That’s Amore

You’ll know it when you’ve tasted it. And once you’ve tasted it you’ll know everything before wasn’t it. For some it starts strong. For others a slow build. Whatever it looks like, for however long you get to have it- some lucky ones forever, it’s … magic. I really think it is. I don’t think we’re built to really know what to do with it. There aren’t rules because the two involved are the only two with that chemistry and fit in the whole world. So I guess we do our best. We enjoy it, feeling like we’re on cloud 9, blissfully denying anything that doesn’t fit our dream. We run from it, scared it’s too good to be true. We get hurt and we hurt back. It’s simple, it’s complicated, it’s whatever.

Sometimes we have to kiss a lot of princes before we find our king. Just don’t kiss frogs. That’s gross. And never lose you in it all. Be true to your heart, your intuition. Don’t rush your moment. Take risks if you feel it’s the thing to do. Ask your friends for advice… consider it always. Follow it sometimes, sometimes don’t. We can only control our own side of this thing called love. I think in accepting that neither of us are perfect, there’s this mix of stretching ourselves for that someone special, pushing through, and being honest about our limits, our own needs. But the common denominator is that at the end of the day… we all need someone who is ready for love too. Who is ready for us. And who we’re ready for. Who brings out the best in us, and us in them. Who sees us for who we are and loves us because of that and in spite of that. Who treasures us. Who takes the good, the bad, the ugly and gives you his. Who’s strong when we’re not, who accepts our strength when he’s not. Who looks at you from across the room and smiles, shaking his head like… “are you even real?” Who makes you want to twirl around in your living room to your favorite songs and who, when you think of him just walking down the street you can’t help but smile.

It’s one of the most beautiful things in the world. And it’s worth holding onto and fighting for. As long as you can. If you’re one of the lucky ones, don’t let go.

And hey, I really believe… eventually, love will find us all.

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