Nothing in this look I wore for a full day of meetings & projects in the North Loop last week is new from the last 6 months. Except the shoes. I’ve been minimizing. Prioritizing working with what I have, wasting less. Whittling the wardrobe down little by little to my favorites as opposed to options upon options. Focusing on quality over quantity. Some of my friends say it’s part of prepping for a shift, a move– as I’m considering condo-shopping in Mpls, with a little more travel incorporated into the regimen with by Niche. Still hard to take actual steps because truly I’ve grown such an attachment to my place for the last couple of years in St. Paul, “Le Chateau” <3

… I feel like it’s part of prepping for something good. A recognition of an evolution. Making space for a better tomorrow. I took several things off the walls and out of shelves that felt reminiscent of a former taste but weren’t quite fitting into my current vibe. Looking to really intentionally curate pieces over time that are more quality and have a story. Not just filling space to fill space. Pulling in a painting by an artist in Positano who was a poem all himself. And the navy tufted couch that was my first real treat-yoself caliber of furniture. Interesting how our preferences and choices in home design aesthetic and fashion roll out in tandem with life developments sometimes.

photos by iz kruse

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