Twelve 2012


coat: parc boutique (pink martini), top: parc boutique (andree), heels: steve madden, leather pants: hallelu, bag: thrifted, sunglasses: f21
Ok can we please revel in the coolness of this coat from Parc Boutique? Ahhh… it’s like insta-audrey. Goodness, Thao and the other ladies at Parc know how to stock a store. This coat could be flattering on any body type. The billowy sleeves and a-line shape make for a stricking silhouette. I paired it with a polka-dotted top, leather pants, and pointy-toed heels for a ladylike and sleek look.
And fashion week in Minneapolis-St. Paul continues! Seriously, did you have any clue that so much style emanated from this notoriously snowy state where people supposedly have ridiculous accents and everyone still wears mom jeans. Whether or not that’s true, what cannot be contested is the happenin style scene. There have been and will continue to be high-impact designers and other fashion industry professionals in and from this area. So I was delighted to scope out the freshest talent at the University of Minnesota College of Design’s 44th annual Twelve event, that showcased collections by 11 graduating seniors.
These were my two favorite looks in the show. The first, a coat by Sara Lopez, is deliciously modern, with its sleek silhouette and clean lines. And the boho chic maxi by Crystal Compton has a gorgeous color and flowing movement, with sheer paneling that is positively stunning.
Check out these other looks that caught my eye:
top left: sophomore designer, bottom left: Gabby Goetz, center: andrea sitter, top right: sophomore designer, bottom right: Jennifer Robertus


left: Maisee Heurh, right: sophomore designer
By junior year designer


Enjoyed the show w/Chelsea in the front row fo SHO.
Ok, I can’t leave it alone. We DON’T all wear mom jeans. But the snowy part is unfortunately quite true and the accents… well, you can let me know when I do my first fashion-related video on here someday. Don’t hold me to that.


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  1. Your coat is adorable! What a lovely shade of blue, seriously!

    I love figuring out the different locations you take pictures – I recognize this one! I haven't been in that church, but I live close to there!

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