Velvet in Marsala

My family was in town over the weekend which means endless doting on my adorable little niece and nephews. It’s remarkable to me how much they change in just a few months. It really is something to be able to know someone from birth and watch them grow up. On day 1, 7 and 27, they’re just a tiny little ball of potential. No definitions, no personally realized identity, and very little personality for the world to see. And eventually they start sprouting up and taking on mom’s nose and dad’s eyebrows and mimi’s  affinity for snuggling. When I was going “on a walk” down the hotel hallway with my youngest niece of 2 years old, I simply couldn’t stop admiring her curiosity and gracefulness. How is everything she does ridiculously adorable!? She giggles. Aww! She sneezes. Aww! She stands in the middle of the room doing absolutely nothing. Aww!
The rustic adirondacks around the fire pit complete with cozy blankets to curl up in made for the perfect Sunday hang with the family. We also played a little bocce ball and hung out with Santa, without leaving Pinstripes in Edina. Oh and did I mention brunch? Well it was Sunday so it can only be assumed… Hands down though, my favorite part was definitely the chocolate fondue. And trust me we fondid it with flair.
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