Wake Up Slow


I think kimonos bring out the “laid back” in all of us. But mostly especially when we’re on vacation, sipping down a smoothie. By the way, I’m trying really hard not to “correct” the title of this post… Jack Johnson doesn’t say “wake up slowLY” so I’m not going to either, for today. It’s kind of like my rebelliousness that comes out with the word “funner”. As much of a grammar nut as I can be, I insist on using the “word” funner.
kimono: thrifted (kind of similar,) *also styled here*, top: f21, shorts: f21, gladiators: c/o len, bag: thrifted, aviators: h&m 

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  1. Super cute kimono….I know I definitely feel laid back and relaxed whenever I'm wearing something that just kinda drapes around me 🙂 And I love this Jack Johnson song…but relate to the grammar nut thing!

    <3 Cambria

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