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wintertaining with chandeliers by nk

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After the buzz of the Christmas and New Year’s parties, there can be a sad lull with the exception of Valentine’s Day and the sporadic birthday here and there. No more, ladies and gentlemen… because for those of us who are party aficianados, I bring you… Wintertaining! Splash a little life on this dull, grey season with a lively soiree featuring a fresh, colorful spread and a lot of crisp whites. It’s so easy too!

We all know the real heartthrob of a party is the decor, the ambience… (‘bience as I like to affectionately refer it). And the hallmark of my wintertaining ‘bience is this beautiful white chandelier. Its clean lines and the chic acrylic texture make it the perfect modern twist on a traditional piece.

Honestly the great thing about these chandeliers is that they are super versatile. Keep them up all year round as a lower-priced alternative to a crystal chandelier. Or put them up for parties and entertaining all year round. They come in a lot of colors too, hot pink, turquoise, and mirrored. They’re a super fun statement piece and run only about $70. It was really easy to put up, too! Such a great find. If you like to throw parties, one of these chandelier parties is a total must-have!

To complete my wintertaining spread I just picked up some fresh blooms, macarons, and a couple of other little treats from Trader Joe’s. Hot tea & a fun tea set is also a must, with lots of tea options.

I’ve had the honor of working with the extremely talented designer, mother, and business maven all-in-one, Nicole Ketchum of Chandelier by NK to put together this feature. Talk about someone who can do it all. Show this darling some love and keep in the loop on her amazing business by following along on her stunningly gorgeous Instagram page, Pinterest, & Facebook. Girl and her killer chandeliers are going places!!

Photos by Isabel Kruse

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