Work-out Colorfully

A work-out is one thing; a colorful work-out is entirely another. Why not prance around in purples and pinks on occasion, especially when spring is on the horizon. Sweaty Betty has a lot of really chic, alternative work-out pieces. I love that the silhouettes are fresh, modern, and unique. I am so over the whole t-shirt and basic shorts thing. Not when you have options like this around!
Sweaty Betty offers a wide selection of fitness wear & accessories for every type of activity. A lot of their clothing looks like it would be perfect for dancers. I could also see some of the outfits being great for yoga. For each of those exercises, the comfort, lightweight materials, and breathable fabrics in Sweaty Betty clothing makes all the difference. Maybe you’re a runner or a cross-country skier… whatever your sport, you’re sure to find the perfect work-out clothing and accessories at Sweaty Betty. 
Shop my colorful work-out picks: 
quilted blue vest: this brightly colored vest would be a trendy stand-out on the ice, snow, or on a winter-run
yellow jump-rope: say goodbye to boring blah-looking work-out gear and hello to sleek, chic ones. This jump rope is actually super reasonably-priced too. 
peach drawstring hoodie: with a modern touch in the collar and seam-work, this pretty sweatshirt is like no other.
pink hand-weights: tone your arms, backs, and shoulders from home with these hand-weights.

grey structured coat: let your inner chic shine as you conquer your work-out in any weather in this simply-stated cool girl coat.

purple sports bra: a quality sports bra in a really cute color because every layer deserves to be cute.

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