It might feel counterintuitive to cover 75% of your body in 110 degree heat, but actually… it’s intuitive. Mostly when the material your maxi is made out of is almost thinner than air. I love this fabric so much I kind of want to make wallpaper out of it and cover my house with it. Can I do that? Maybe I’ve been watching too much Design Star on HGTV. Have you? If so, who are your faves? I’m rooting for Britany and Hilari. Hilari for her funness and taste in clothing and Britany for her actual home design work and attitude/hard work ethic.
tribal zigzag maxi: len, bag: thrifted (similar), beige floppy hat: h&m

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  1. I really don't think fashion could get much better.. your outfits are always trendy yet very classy and always feminine in there own sort of way. I am loving the floppy hat on you, I think that you look stunning to the max in it 😉 Looking forward to more outfits!

    Janelle – J.P Photography

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